The Posh Nosh Family

Posh Nosh Catering Contracts Ltd
Birkenhead, Wirral
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The Posh Nosh Family

Since inception in 1982 – then known by the rather unprepossessing name of Nelly's Trump Catering Consultants – the Posh Nosh family of businesses have gradually evolved into what they are today. Still under the personal direction of its founder, Anthony Zausmer, 2005 sees the core catering operation – continuing to provide delicious food within your allocated budget – revitalised and relaunched under the banner of Posh Nosh Parties.

For our various corporate clients, we pride ourselves on the vertically-integrated set of services we have developed over the years, whilst maintaining a sympathetic, personal touch to cater for your own, very specific, requirements.

Marketing, menu development, and the all-important HACCP implementation are served by Posh Nosh Consultants.

Mystery-Guest assessment of your staff and customer-facing procedures are undertaken, with appropriate discretion, by Posh Nosh Surveys.

NEWS! The latest venture in the PoshNosh group is The Scouse House Cafe in Oliver Lane, Birkenhead.